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Tips for maintain original leather sofa
When mention leather sofa, some words will come to our mind:high-end,classy and high grade ,so if we said a real leather sofa has been dirty, everyone will think of the low end,low grade.Obviously, even if the luxury of things is also to be carefully maintained , included leather sofa.
 If we don’t often maintain the leather sofa, stains may easily enter the dermis pores inside,it is easy to plug the dermal pores after a long time, but also cause leather hardened, or even deformed damaged. Therefore, the daily maintenance of leather sofa, can be said to be the most important, next, we can tell you some tips about leather sofas’maintenance as below:
Tip 1: if the leather sofa only has some slight dirt, you can wipe it with wet cloth, and then dry it with dry cloth.
Tip 2: if the leather sofa is pollutedseriously, such as grease, beer, coffee and other substances, you can use neutral transparent soap water, wiping with a dishcloth, then wipe with clean water.
Tip 3: you can use fresh milk to scrub its surface , can highits gloss.
Tip 4: in order to extend its lifetime, can avoid children jumping and playing on the leather sofa, as well as sweat body can not be directly contacted with leather sofa.
Tip 5: the daily care for leather sofa can be scrubbed with dry towel,about 2-3 months, we can clean leather sofa with cleaning agent  .
Tip 6:Be careful not to use alcohol cleaning agent to scrub, leather sofa should be avoided to put in the sunlight and wet placedirectly .