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How to clean fabric sofa?
In recent years, fabric sofas become more and more popular, people like its beautiful design and comfortable sitting feeling. But mention how to clean our fabric sofas, many people will reply they don’t know how to do that. If we didn’t take care of the fabric sofa,then it will be dirty and damage easily.So here are some tips for cleaning fabric sofas as below:
1.The sofa should be vacuumed regularly. If you can do the cleaning once a week, and the armrest, back and crevice of the sofa must also be taken care.For sure, you can also wipe it with a towel, but when using a vacuum cleaner, don't use a brush. In order to prevent the fabric from becoming fluffy by damaging the fabric, and avoid sucking with extra suction, the fabric may be torn apart, so consider cleaning with a small vacuum cleaner.
2.Clean the sofa once a year with detergent, butmust wash offthe detergent thoroughly after that, otherwise more prone to dirt. As for the choice of detergents, you can choose a special detergent containing antifouling agents. Some silicone sprays have a dust-proof effect and can be sprayed once a month.
3.The cloth art sofa of sheathed can be cleaned generally. The elastic sets may be washed in the home washing machine, the larger cotton or linen sheaths can be taken to the laundromat. When ironing sheaths, we should pay attention to the fact that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and free from ironing. The appearance of fabric should be considered even if ironing is necessary, so it is more appropriate to iron the inner side of sheaths. If the sheathing is cotton, it should not be ironed.